He has crossed over 4.47 million subscribers on his YouTube. Concealed behind an animatic headgear, Prashant aka Angry Prash is popular for his eccentric and humorous content on his YouTube channel.

Angry Prash is a YouTuber whose content is particularly dependent on cartoon comedy for adults and teenagers. Prashant aka Angry Prash is a mysterious social media influencer who wears an animatic headgear during his public appearances.

Rap culture in our country is on a hype. Various accomplished Indian rappers have become a popular name in the present time. Several talented and fresh rappers come every year and engage us with theircommendable rapping style. And Angry Prash is surely amongst them!

Currently, he’s doing great in rapping world and is popular for his comedy rapping styles.

Angry Prash began with his YouTube channel in the mid 2016. Initially, he started with genres like Smartphone technology, Automotive design tutorial, Gaming, etc. which perform well for the next complete one year.

But with the beginning of the year 2017, he chose to begin with an humorous genre, which he was short with resources to create videos. Likewise, he was not an expert video creator. Hence, he decided to start with an animated video recording through MS Paint. Following a month, a lot more people started liking his videos and his journey began thereafter.

A love for Rap

Years down the line, Prashant aka Angry Prash started loving the rap and he the same, or even more from his fans. Recently he recorded a comedy rap named “Rap ka Baap” with Nagma Mirajkar whose lyrics and beats were done on his own. Also, he recorded the video and got the song mixed by his friend. This musical video was created with the help of Nofiltr company and his team. He has been now making rap music for a while and this is his fourth rap music track.

Previously, he used to create rap music based on‘social messages’, but with the passage of time he thought of creating something entirely different and associated with his own comedy zone. Hence, he came up with an idea of creating a humorous rap song “rap ka baap”

Many followers like us must be curious about his unique and creative name! To which he says that There is no such exceptional story behind his name, Angry is the basis of his Youtube channel while Prash are the initials of his real name ‘Prashant’.

Social Awareness

Angry Prash and his team always attempt to create such a thing that would spread social awareness among individuals, “My Thoughts On Indian Election” and “Does fair Look matters” are 2 exceptional examples of those video series they have uploaded on their social media platforms.Likewise, they began with a #onetreechallenge initially on Instagram. In that challenge over 700 trees have been planted by individuals and various artists and creators. Currently, they are up on making a video about the same and soon will be uploaded on their YouTube channel.




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