My journey of music from a hobby to the profession is awesome: Parth Bharat Thakkar

Parth Bharat Thakkar is a well-known Music composer, director, singer and writter from Dhollywood. He has marked his name in D-town by giving many beautiful songs. Parth is well known for his music composition of the famous song “Mann Melo” from the 2018 Gujarati romantic film Sharato Lagu. The song was highly acclaimed by critics as well as audiences.

Parth Bharat Thakkar says, “Music was always my hobby! Parents gave wings to it! Started at the age of 3 to play on a toy piano! Ended up doing music professionally! I haven’t taken any formal training to learn an instrument or make music. It is the best gift of god to me. The transition of a hobby to a professional career was quite organic and not with any effort!

Parth further added,” A director at Doordarshan Gujarati approached me to score for his serial! Then I did a series of tv soaps apart from that Composed by Rj Dhvanit’s ‘Majja Ni life’ and it all was on a roll. I had done many music albums, Ad films etc. My Post-study was done from JG college of performing arts. I moved to Mumbai and assisted Shri Monty Sharma. In 2014, Abhishek Jain calls me to work as a background scorer for his film ‘Bey Yaar!’ and then the journey went on to become a full-fledged music composer from the next film.”

“The journey has been great and I am just thankful to my parents, all those who have loved my music and the almighty for blessing me with musical life,” Parth added.




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